Support at BC.GAME

The company pays special attention to the quality of player service and constantly strives to improve it. One way to improve is to receive feedback from users and constantly interact with them. For this purpose, BC.GAME Bangladesh operates a 24-hour customer support service. This department consists of managers who have the necessary competencies in various fields. An individual approach allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to a player’s request and solve their problem. The responsibilities of the customer support service are:

  • Resolving technical problems, including disconnection from the game or inability to complete a monetary transaction;
  • Resolving problems related to the profile, including password recovery or activation of the self-exclusion service;
  • Verification of user documents during the verification process or the Know Your Client procedure;
  • Answers to players’ questions regarding legal agreements with online casinos;
  • Consideration of requests and complaints from users;
  • Resolving disputes between the company and players.
BC.GAME Bangladesh has a round-the-clock customer support service

Methods for communication

BC.GAME Bangladesh offers a variety of options through which players can get help. They can choose the method that they are comfortable using or that best suits a particular problem.


This option is the most popular and convenient, as it allows you to address any problem. Thanks to email, players can not only ask their questions but also attach the necessary files. This is especially important for certain procedures, such as profile verification. However, a response through this method can take up to 48 hours. All requests and communications should be sent to

Live chat

On the official website, users can get instant help through live chat. This feature is in the lower right corner. The player only needs to start a dialogue with the operator to receive an answer within a few minutes and solve any problem after 10 minutes. The manager will ask clarifying questions to better understand the request and give the most appropriate recommendations.

Help Center

BC.GAME Bangladesh also offers a special section where users can get valuable tips. The Help Center consists of articles on topics ranging from account management to bonuses and promotions. The company’s employees and experts answered the most frequently asked questions and also gave recommendations to ensure that players do not have problems while playing.

Social media

The company actively maintains its profiles on social networks. For BC.GAME, this is a great way to keep in touch with customers, as well as inform them about new promotions, current news, and game releases. In addition, players can ask questions or problems in private messages. This online casino is on the following social networks:

  • Telegram:;
  • Twitter:;
  • Instagram:;
  • Facebook: