Affiliate program at BC.GAME Bangladesh

In the Bangladeshi gambling market, this online casino is popular and reliable. In addition, in the coming years, this company will develop, improve the quality of its services and attract new players. To help in this direction, BC.GAME Bangladesh has created an affiliate program. This invites all businessmen, influencers, and other significant social figures to take part in advertising the company’s services, attracting new users, and also making a profit from it. However, before becoming a partner, those interested should carefully study all the details about this program.

BC.GAME Bangladesh has created an affiliate program that will help you make a profit

How to become a partner?

In order to become part of the affiliate program, the user must create a profile as follows:

  1. Open the official website of BC.GAME Bangladesh;
  2. Find the “Affiliate Program” section in the menu bar;
  3. On the partnership page, click on the “Registration” button;
  4. Enter your email address and create a password;
  5. Read the terms and conditions and confirm your agreement with them;
  6. Click on the “Create Account” button and complete the process.

How does it work?

Once a person creates a profile and becomes an official partner in BC.GAME Bangladesh, they can start working. This consists of several stages:

  1. A member of the program will have access to banners, content, and images that they can advertise;
  2. Next, they will receive up to 20 unique links for each traffic source;
  3. The partner can publish advertising content through its official website, social networks, or email;
  4. Once someone follows the link and creates a profile on the site, the affiliate will receive a commission;
  5. For all subsequent actions, deposits, and bets of invited people, the program participant will receive a commission and profit;
  6. After this, the partner can withdraw their profit.

Reward for referrals

As soon as the user follows the partner’s link, creates a profile in BC.GAME Bangladesh and starts the game, the program participant will begin to make a profit. However, this depends on the amount of money the player bets:

VIP levelThe sum of all betsRewards
VIP 4130050 BDT
VIP 86500260 BDT
VIP 1422,300540 BDT
VIP 2264,3001300 BDT
VIP 30170,0002600 BDT
VIP 38410,0005400 BDT
VIP 461,010,0008700 BDT
VIP 542,354,00013000 BDT
VIP 625,379,00022300 BDT
VIP 7012,000,00054000 BDT

Payment of commissions

Depending on what games the referrals play, the partner will receive a certain commission:

In addition, partners should know how such commissions are calculated:


In order for partners to know all the details about the program and also see their achievements, BC.GAME Bangladesh has developed a special platform. It contains the following sections:


If a partner does not understand any details about the program or they have problems, then they can contact the support service by email at

The affiliate program website also has a contact for those who are outstanding affiliates due to their wide audience. The company offers them the best conditions for cooperation. To receive a special program members must send a request to