Responsible gaming at BC.GAME Bangladesh

This online casino is respected and trusted in the gambling industry due to the fact that it follows all the principles and norms that are dictated by the international community as well as the national government. BC.GAME Bangladesh is operated by BlockDance B.V., which has an official registration number 158182 and a license from the Government of Curacao under number 5536/JAZ. One of the main tasks in which the company has been actively working lately is minimizing the negative impact of gambling on players. To this end, the online casino has implemented a responsible gaming policy.

This concept is to ensure that users get the maximum benefit and experience from the game, without sacrificing their mental and physical health, as well as their daily lives. On the website, players can find information about combating gambling addiction. In addition, company employees can provide valuable advice and professional assistance. Thanks to the teamwork of the players and BC.GAME Bangladesh, the gaming experience is guaranteed to be positive.

BC.GAME Bangladesh takes a responsible attitude to the problem of gambling addiction and helps to fight it

Signals of addiction

Most players do not experience problems when visiting online casinos and they know their limits. However, there are users who are not only overly passionate about games but do not even notice it. In order to stop the problem at an early stage, BC.GAME Bangladesh encourages players to take a self-test from time to time by answering the following questions:

  1. Are you deeply involved in gambling?
  2. Do you get too emotional about winning and losing?
  3. Have you started missing school or work because of games?
  4. Do you spend all your free time in online casinos?
  5. Are you spending less time with friends and family?
  6. Do you hide your gaming passion from family and friends?
  7. Have your relationships with colleagues and reputation deteriorated?
  8. Have you tried to control your game but failed?
  9. Have you ever had to borrow money for a bet?
  10. Have you ever committed criminal acts to get money to play?
  11. Do you feel irritated if someone or something prevents you from placing a bet?
  12. Do you play until you lose all your money?
  13. If you lose, do you try to win back at any cost?
  14. Do you visit a gaming site to avoid problems in real life?
  15. Did you experience depressive or suicidal thoughts when you lost?

A large number of positive responses may indicate a problem. In this case, players should contact a specialized institution, since only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment. During this period, users should stop playing.


To ensure that gambling does not negatively impact the lives of users, it is necessary to make efforts and use tools for self-control. BC.GAME Bangladesh gives several recommendations to its players to make it easier for them to remain conscious:

Restriction of minors

BC.GAME Bangladesh does not allow persons under 18 years of age to play. Online casino employees carefully check the age of each new user and block violators.

The company recommends that parents who are their users keep their profile login information in a safe place. In addition, they can install a special filter program in the browser to hide inappropriate content from children.


If the user wants to take a break from gambling then they can use the self-exclusion service. To do this, they must contact customer service via email. The player can choose a period to limit access to the account, within which they will not be able to place bets or make money transactions.

After self-exclusion ends, the player can express their desire to return to the game or delete their profile forever. Users should also remember that during the restriction period, they cannot create a second account, as this will lead to the profile being blocked permanently.